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Your home deserves the luxury that comes with carpet

With carpet flooring in place in your home, you have a great many benefits you simply wouldn’t have without it. As the only available soft surface flooring, it provides the most comfort and softest underfoot feel. At the same time, the extensive number of solid color and patterned appearance options will leave you with a definite match for your decor with ease. Thanks to newer technology, it’s even a great option for those who suffer from allergies and offers lots of durability for a longer lifespan.

Bisbee's Flooring Center proudly offers you an excellent selection of flooring materials with a wealth of selection in color and style. You’ll find trending designs at prices you can afford, and our associates strive to make sure you get the advice and answers to your questions you deserve from a flooring store. From our showrooms in Sun Prairie and McFarland, WI, we serve the communities of McFarland - Monona, Middleton, and Sun Prairie. We will be ready to assist you when you arrive in getting your flooring project off the ground, no matter how large or small.

What carpet means for you

Comfort and luxurious aesthetics come standard with carpet. You’ll find it an amazing material to walk on, but it’s just as pleasing to the eye, no matter where you put it. That softness offers a lot more benefits as well. It helps provide an extra layer of insulation, saving you a bundle on your energy bills, and creates a safe and stable surface for walking. This is great if you have small children or elderly persons living with you. You’ll find they fall less often, and if they do, the chance of serious injury is far less as well.

The gorgeous options you’ll have to match your decor include a wide variety of solid colors as well as patterns. Even the fibers themselves can be part of the pattern, featuring different loop lengths as well as a combination of loop and cut loop.

Fiber options are one of the most important aspects of choosing your new carpet. With options ranging from wool to synthetics like nylon and polyester, you should choose what best suits your activity level. For extremely busy homes, nylon would be a good option, as it stands up well to repetitive foot traffic and withstands stains. Your flooring associate will be better able to discuss the extensive details surrounding the various choices you can make.
Cable carpet in Sun Prairie, WI from Bisbee's Flooring Center

Cable carpet

Cable styles are constructed of thicker, longer yarns than its cut pile companions. Cable styles are beautiful, comfortable and very luxurious. It can crush and matte with heavy foot traffic.
Frieze carpet in Sun Prairie, WI from Bisbee's Flooring Center

Frieze carpet

Friezes create an informal look and feature lightly twisted fibers that create a soft, bouncy, springy feel. This highly styled, fashion-forward carpet also reduces footprints and vacuum marks.
Berber carpet in Sun Prairie, WI from Bisbee's Flooring Center

Berber carpet

Loop or Berber styles have a low-profile. Durable with a casual look, loop pile carpets resist matting and crushing and are well suited to high traffic areas. Multi-level loops have two to three different pile heights, which create dimensional interest.
Patterned or textured carpet in Sun Prairie, WI from Bisbee's Flooring Center

Patterned or textured carpet

Patterns can be formal to contemporary. This style has a texture –on-texture design and soft-to bold color combinations. From subtle to bold, patterned carpets add a unique and dramatic style to any interior. The Pattern styles craft a dramatic visual with varying loop and cut height.
Saxony carpet in Sun Prairie, WI from Bisbee's Flooring Center

Saxony carpet

The Saxony is the standard cut pile, this carpet has a smooth, level finish. Its pile yarns have no texture, resulting in a formal elegance.
Textured Saxony carpet in Sun Prairie, WI from Bisbee's Flooring Center

Textured Saxony carpet

Texture creates a relaxed look with smooth, twisted yarns. This style is perfect for casual settings and resists high traffic.