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Blog > Schluter System

Schluter System

Friday, January 24, 2020 11:13 AM

Are you having your bathroom renovated? If so, you will want to ensure your new custom shower is completely waterproof by utilizing the best waterproofing products, as well as adhering to the tile industry’s installation standards. One of our favorite custom shower products is Schluter’s Kerdi-Board panels.

Schluter’s Kerdi-Board Panels are an excellent lightweight alternative to the cement board. These panels are a multifunctional tile substrate that is completely waterproof and installs quickly with ease. The panels are made of a polystyrene foam, which allows for simple cutting with a utility knife. Gridlines are printed on the surface to help ensure quick, neat cuts. As with any custom project, you will have specific requirements for your unique specifications. These panels are offered in a variety of thicknesses to ensure Kerdi-Board will work for your project.

Another favorite feature of Schluter systems is the pre-made niches and benches. The Kerdi-Board niches are fully sealed, quick to install, and offered in several different sizes to ensure they complement your shower. The larger niches even offer a shelf that can be installed at a personally selected height to create compartments that fit your storage needs.

The Kerdi-Board benches match the outstanding waterproof and lightweight features as highlighted with the panels and niches. Although they are lightweight, they are incredibly stable. The Kerdi-Board benches are offered in a triangular and rectangular shape as well as numerous sizes, providing the homeowner with even more custom options. The sloped surface prevents water from accumulating on the bench.

The Schluter Kerdi-Board panels, niches, and benches are only a few of the amazing products you can utilize to waterproof your shower during your bathroom renovation. If you’re looking to create a waterproof shower that you can customize to meet your aesthetic desires, the Schluter system will not disappoint you.   

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